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Physical therapy on leg
Back Massage
Chiropractic Treatment
Orthopedic surgeon examining the knee reflex. The doctor checks the physiological reflex.


My approach to pain and movement can help with a very wide range of issues and can help people of all age ranges and backgrounds get back their freedom from tightness, aches and pains and getting on with doing what they love or even to get better at doing what they love!


My neurobiomechanical approach is particularly effective for you if you have an ongoing complaint from which you have been suffering for more than 3-6 months or if you have had a problem which comes and goes but has become worse more recently. After that timeframe it is highly probably if not certain that there is something we need to tackle in your nervous system possibly in conjunction with more traditional manual therapy but with a razor sharp focus on improving your own individual neurology and brain function.


A lot of clients who see me have seen a range of experts before coming to my clinic but have had no success. That is of course absolutely fine and at least gives us a very clear idea of what the problem is NOT. But I am very keen to educate people as to the benefits of coming to see me first, before waiting months or spending vast sums on various traditional experts.


I am scrupulously honest if I think your case is beyond my skills and will always refer out if I think it is best for you. The simple truth is that in the vast majority of cases, it is not necessary. Also, if you love your hobby or sport and find that there are things that hold you back in how well you do them, I am also very keen to help you! It could be that a simple neurological tweak or change in neurobiomechanics can transform your performance.


In short if any of these applies to you, I am very likely to be able to help:


  • Pain crept up on you, you thought it would go away, but it hasn’t;

  • You have been told your problem down to deterioration of joints or movement due to old injuries or arthritis (maybe you’ve even had imaging done that shows historical damage but haven’t been offered any viable alternatives to surgery);

  • You have been told to rest up and take pain medication but nothing really changes;

  • You have tried some exercises but they don’t seem to work or fail to work for very long;

  • You always feel stiffness in your neck, spine or other joints but you can’t work out why;

  • You want to improve that golf swing, tennis serve or running time but just can’t seem to improve your game even with practice;

  • You’ve been told by an optician that there is no problem with your eyesight but you feel you still struggle with your vision or perhaps you suffer from a sense of unsteadiness or dizziness especially after certain tasks or movements


Put another way I can help with the following but if you are not sure whether or how I can help you I would urge you to book a free video or telephone consultation so that we can discuss the best course of action for you.

  • Resolving any long term, intermittent or "unexplained" pain or discomfort;

  • Resolving sports injuries, "weaknesses" or niggles that keep recurring;

  • Resolving back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle or other joint pain;

  • Reversing reductions in range or quality of movement;

  • Improving sports performance, reactions and accuracy;

  • Resolving pain that 'flares up' either with or without a pattern;

  • Resolving repetitive strain type symptoms;

  • Resolving headaches, migraines and ear pain;

  • Resolving TMJ, teeth-grinding and jaw issues;

  • Resolving issues such as travel sickness, dizziness and vertigo;

  • Treating concussion and the long term after-effects of concussion;

  • Resolving nerve or "tingling" type sensations and loss of sensation

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