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I treated Katie in 2019 for 4 sessions, before she went on to break 4 US freediving records, and asked her these simple questions.


Have I helped?

Absolutely. I have increased shoulder range of motion, 80% of my knee pain is gone, I’ve been pain free in my back for months, my feet feel better, my legs feel stronger, my hips are looser and this all radiates out to huge improvements in performance.

You helped me become more aware of my body by spotlighting problem areas and their triggers, whereas before I was frustrated with a generalized sense of being unwell and no idea where to look nor where to start.


Would you recommend me?

Without a doubt. Your thoroughness and knowledge as you search tiny muscle by tiny muscle and your ability to really dig for the root of the problem is invaluable. Plus, your experience helps you find the traumatic event that triggered any change in gait/posture if that emotional aspect exists.

I would not hesitate in recommending that everyone go and be evaluated! The changes I’ve experienced in my legs and your guidance towards an increased awareness of my body has not only boosted my performance as an athlete, but tremendously increased my quality of life by practically eliminating the daily pain I was in.

What do you think of me as a therapist?

You do a really thorough analysis and have a keen internal radar to pinpoint the problem... Then, you are stubborn and persistent when you find something in dysfunction so when the first try doesn’t work, you will try something else, and then another way until you clear it. You have a whole bag of tricks to pull from. Your thorough analysis and knowledge of anatomy is fantastic and you can see that you have a lot of experience.


Is there anything about my therapy that sets me apart?

When I visit you I DON’T have the feeling of being a number in an assembly line whipping through a busy office. You take a genuine interest in me as a person and you want to see me better. What’s more, looking at the emotional triggers for tightness is part of total body health which I wholeheartedly subscribe to and appreciate in a therapist.

More recent case studies and testimonials to follow

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