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  • Why I'm Different

Our brain controls everything in our body, including our movement, so why ignore the brain when treating pain and movement restrictions? What sets me apart from the crowd is that I do not. I address neurology at every stage in assessing, treating and rehabilitating.

  • It's all about your brain!

Our brain can only act on the information it receives from nerve endings and receptors around the body and it responds to that information by instructing joints and muscles what to do. Our millions of receptors will tell our brain when there's a threat or when we are injured so that the brain can move us away from the problem and enable us to compensate for any change. In many cases, the reason our body is experiencing pain or problems is because our nervous system is still giving the brain "old" information long after the threat or injury occurred.

  • Think computers!

If we think of the motor control centre of the brain as our computer software system and the joints and muscles as the hardware, things like accidents, bad posture and pain or strain trigger the software to protect the hardware by adapting to create a new programme which seeks to bypass the "troublespots". This is a superb way of keeping the body moving around the problem but in itself leads to muscle imbalances, muscles firing in the wrong order, and new movement patterns which are sub-optimal and will often in themselves become the source of pain sooner or later.

  • I reboot your software

Based on a full clinical history and targeted muscle or reflex “testing”,  I use methods that can essentally seek out the "corrupted" information leading to defective software and movement patterns and use techniques to remind the motor control centre of the optimal movement patterns it has available to it, thus restoring more efficient movement and the balanced use of muscles and eliminating or at the very least reducing pain. In neurological terms I use techniques which seek to desensitise nerve endings which have been oversensitised by past injury or trauma. 

  • I give you the key to open up movement

Anatomy in Motion is another cutting edge approach to helping resolve pain and dysfunction and enables me to understand what each and every joint and muscle should be doing at every moment of the walking cycle. Where appropriate, using this approach I carefully analyse feet, gait and movement to work out what’s moving correctly and what isn’t and use a variety of integrated techniques to help the body to restore a more efficient biomechanical flow, after we "unlock" the door to full movement using neurological techniques.

AiM in particular has been featured on BBC's "Doctor in the House" as an effective treatment of back pain caused by postural deviation.


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