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Pain, Movement and
Functional Health Clinic

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  • Many issues and multiple aspects of issues I can resolve in clinic can also be resolved through online treatment programmes, especially;

  • Joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, gout;

  • Unexplained pain and "flare ups";

  • Recurring and repetitive injuries;

  • Pre, Peri and Post Menopause symptoms;

  • Fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis;

  • Digestive problems;

  • Headaches and migraines;

  • Auto-immune conditions;

  • Fatigue;

  • Brain health and cognition

  • Longevity, vitality and optimal ageing


Living with pain or restriction in movement should not be your "normal". Having pain which interferes with living, sports, hobbies and simply enjoying your daily life should not be something you have to tolerate. In short - pain and discomfort is just not acceptable, whatever your age, and together we're going to sort that out!


I'm an experienced therapist who does things differently. I listen intently, I assess thoroughly and I get to the heart of your problem methodically and efficiently.  I don't just treat the site of your pain. Looking at things through a neurological lens and with a background in clinical neuroscience I use advanced techniques and a forward-thinking approach to neurobiomechanics and manual therapy to get your body to fix itself. All of this I do with the aim of preventing the need for you to keep returning to me or any therapist time and time again for the same problem.

If you would like to know more about my approach and how I can help you specifically before making an appointment then please feel free to click on the Chat button below or book a free 15 minute video or telephone consultation.


  • Resolving any long term, intermittent or "unexplained" pain or discomfort;

  • Resolving sports injuries, "weaknesses" or niggles that keep recurring;

  • Resolving back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle or other joint pain;

  • Reversing reductions in range or quality of movement;

  • Improving sports performance, reactions and accuracy;

  • Resolving pain that 'flares up' either with or without a pattern;

  • Resolving repetitive strain type symptoms;

  • Resolving headaches, migraines and ear pain;

  • Resolving TMJ, teeth-grinding and jaw issues;

  • Resolving issues such as travel sickness, dizziness and vertigo;

  • Treating concussion and the long term after-effects of concussion;

  • Resolving nerve or "tingling" type sensations and loss of sensation.


"I went to Rebecca for knee and hip pain from running. I had been suffering for some time, had tried pain killers, stretching and patches, nothing worked. I love to run and this pain was really holding me back from enjoying it and being competitive. She quickly identified that it was my foot causing the problems and after a couple of weeks of treatment I couldn't believe I was pain free. I'm now running and training better than ever. Rebecca really knows her stuff, I can't recommend her and her approach enough".


Simon Payne - Learning and Development Consultant

"Finally, a treatment that works.
I have spent years seeking help for chronic pain and fatigue issues and felt with many practitioners it was trial and error with any relief feeling short lived.
So I am relieved to have found Rebecca and an approach that works for me. Her calm and knowledgeable vibe creates the perfect space for her work.
She uses her deep understanding of the body to listen to what my body needs. If I walk into a session in pain, by the session's end it is usually gone and I leave feeling stronger.
I am fascinated and impressed by the results I continue to experience from our first session.
I highly recommend Rebecca.

Sophie Pattihis
(Health Coach)

Rebecca is a Jedi master! I have struggled with a multitude of muscular issues from years of playing rugby and football and in particular, with my neck, spine and feet. After just a couple of sessions of her ‘magic’ so far, she has already started to put back together the jigsaw puzzle of my body and I am already feeling the benefits of the released pressure and tension within my body. Rebecca has a forensic approach to the analysis of the issues coupled with the patience, energy and strength in uncovering the source of the problems. I’m still on that journey but after years of intrusive operations and other forms of treatment, I now feel that I’ve finally found some real answers and much needed relief.

James Watson - Banker

"Rebecca is the best therapist I have worked with in my life! Professional, attentive and caring. For months I was having a shoulder problem and after having consulted various doctors and therapists Rebecca was the only one to identify and resolve my problem. Rebecca has a meticulous understanding of the human body and is a master of neurokinetic therapy.... During sessions I felt listened to and in receipt of incredible human attention. We worked together for several weeks and since then my shoulder is now better, as are my back and my feet! I learnt a new form of healing which involved me taking responsibility and a view of wellbeing that is completely different to what we are accustomed to. Rebecca is an incredible therapist that I recomment to everyone!"


Angelica Mastroguiseppe - Musician.

"I have increased shoulder range of motion, 80% of my knee pain is gone, I’ve been pain free in my back for months, my feet feel better, my legs feel stronger, my hips are looser and this all radiates out to huge improvements in performance. She helped me become more aware of my body by spotlighting problem areas and their triggers, whereas before I was frustrated with a generalized sense of being unwell and no idea where to look nor where to start".

Katie Kleinwachter - US and Spanish national diving team and US record holder

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I really couldn't recommend Rebecca highly enough. I've seen countless therapists across several disciplines for the past 20 years and none of them have been able to provide the long-term relief from back pain and sciatica that Rebecca has for me. Her understanding of the nervous system is second-to-none, which allows her to consistently find the root cause of the problem with cutting edge therapies. Leaving no stone unturned, Rebecca has addressed muscle imbalances and compensations throughout my body,  inefficiencies in my lymphatic system and problems with my visual, vestibular and digestive systems - all things that were contributing to my back pain and sciatica. Every session has been a pleasure for me - not only do we get on well and have a laugh, but if you're interested in the detail like I am, Rebecca patiently answers all the questions you might have about your treatment and how it works. Importantly, you always feel you're being listened to; indeed, feedback is something Rebecca actively seeks between treatments, which gives the entire process an interactive feel. She's situated very close to Tunbridge Wells but without the parking and traffic issues of the town centre, which makes everything nice and easy! Despite feeling much better and now being able to do routine things and exercise without pain, I hope to continue to see Rebecca for regular tune ups for the foreseeable future.  Kerry Pogue - IT entrepreneur

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